NutreeVit Affiliate Program

Join the NutreeVit team and make money just by promoting our products!

Earn a 15% Commission For Each Sale you Refer

Our Affiliates are Making Hundreds of Dollars Referring Our Products

When you sign up as an affiliate, we'll give you a special link to our website that you can share on your website, blog, Facebook and Twitter. You'll earn money for every customer who purchases a product from your link.

We will provide you with all the marketing and copy to promote our product. You will also be given access to a dashboard to help you keep track of everyone you send our way. You will be able to see all clicks, sales and the amount you have earned from promoting our product.


Affiliates promote NutreeVit products for PROFIT!


Product Sales Earn 15%! in tier 1
(i.e. products bought by customers referred by YOU-Affiliate)


and an additional 3% in tier 2!
(i.e. products bought by customers referred by somebody who was introduced/referred by YOU-Affiliate and registered him/herself as affiliate).


Frequently Asked Questions
How do I get started?

Click the APPLY NOW button to join our affiliate program. When you join the program, we provide you with all the materials you need to promote our program. All the hard work has been done, all you need to do is tell your friends and market to your audience.

How will I receive payment for my sales?

Payments will be made through PayPal only for the amount due; if the balance in your account is less than $25.00 at the date of payment, it will be carried forward to the following month.  Commissions owed to you - even if less than the minimum payout amount - never expire and will be settled in case of termination of the account less adjustments for allowances and returns occurring during the relevant time period prior to termination.

Where is my affiliate link?

Your affiliate link is located on the home page of your user area under "Link to Promote".

How is my link tracked?

When a customer clicks on your link or banner, they will be taken  to our website where if they make a purchase, you will be credited for the sale.  You should then receive an email saying that an affiliate sale has been made.  When the sale is verified and approved, the commission will appear in your user area.

How do I view my commissions?

Commissions are paid within 30-40 days of the close of a calendar month for all verified and approved sales in that particular calendar month. For example, if you refer a new customer in February then you will receive the commission on or before April 1st.  Payments will be made on a monthly basis, usually on the 15th of every month, if the balance in your account is minimum $25.00.

How do I log in?

You can login to your user area on this page.  Just click "Log In Here" under the orange "Join Our Affiliate Program Now" button at the top of this page.  Log in using the email and password you used to sign up with.  Do not log in on the nutreevit home page as this is for normal retail customer accounts.

How do I post a link?

The banner ads and code can be placed anywhere that accepts html, like a blog or website.  For a social media post, copy your link to promote from the home page of your user area, click on one of the social media buttons and write a brief message and add your affiliate coupon link, eg. - "Find awesome nutritional vitamins at a good price 100% Organic!

When are sales approved?

Typically the affiliate sales are verified and approved within 24-48 hours after the order has been completed and shipped.  After the sales are approved you should see the commission reflected in your user area. Note: Affiliates cannot make a commission off of their own purchases.

How it works
Fill out our affiliate program application. It is free, easy and takes only two minutes.
We will provide you with text ads and banners to advertise our affiliate program.
You will receive a generous commission for every sale you send our way. We will track everything.